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Product Features

Safety with VR – Flashover provides fire & safety personnel with an easy-to-use VR Firefighting Training Solution which can be deployed in minutes. True to life scenarios and environments which are impossible to train in the field can be simulated with Flashover. Anywhere, Anytime.


Train together with you collegues in the same virtual environment. Anytime, anywhere.

Real Equipment

Flashover works with real nozzles fitted with sensor technology.

Quick Setup

Flashover can be operated without technical personnel. Just open the box and start.

Localized Content

Flashover adjusts its language and 3D content to your country.

Plug & Play Virtual Reality

Train as you fight

Lever position

Use the Lever system just as you would on a real nozzle, controle the power output as realistic as possible.

Rotation jet head

You can controle the width of the waterbeam just as you would on a real nozzle.

Nozzle aiming

Flashover tracks the nozzle's position and where it's aiming at, so it feels realistic.

In-Depth Look

Flashover VR Equipment

It’s all in the box – Flashover developed a custom hardware solution for the VR Firefighting Training Solution. The total solution fits in a mobile case that can be used in no time.

  • Room for 4 HMD’s (e.g. Oculus Quest 2)
  • Room for 2 nozzles
  • Integrated computer
  • Integrated Wi-Fi router and internet connection
  • Complete charging solution
  • Projecting to large screens

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Custom enviroments

Country customization

VR Firefighting Training Solution – One of the core benefits of Flashover is the possibility to recreate any real life scenario. This approach makes realistic and therefore better training a realilty. We can recreate the way you firefight by customizing the look and feel, so it matches your countries fireman’s suit, tools, service cars and enviroments.

In-Depth Look

Operator Module

Create, Watch and Report – With the integrated After-Action-Module you can reflect during and after the training. The module works according to the principles of Create, Watch, and Report. The scenarios can be set up with a few simple clicks. You can decide what the situation looks like. The case generates the training and does the rest.



Flashover provides many different environments to choose from. With just a few simple clicks you can create all the scenarios you need.



View the actions of all connected fire fighters in real-time. All directly from the Flashover VR box.



With our After-Action-Module you can immediately review and discuss the choices made during the training.

True to life virtual reality firefighting training scenarios and environments which are impossible to train in the field can be simulated with Flashover. Anywhere, Anytime.