About us

Flash Group

Meet our company – Apollo Journey, Flashover, Flashpoint and Flashaid are part of Protagoras Holding b.v., based in Breda, the Netherlands. We create innovative solutions where gaming feeds the business. With years of experience in the computer simulation and gaming industry we have created many groundbreaking training solutions for governmental organizations and industry.

Journey Together

The Flash Family

Flash Family – An experienced team comprised out of techies, designers and projectleaders. Add our communication and marketing and our CEO, we are the Flash Family.

We are in this together

Cooperation and trust are conditional to the success of our services and products. Together we strive for a safer world.


We are immensely dedicated to help our clients get the most use of our products. We focus on strong relationships and assist every step of the way.


Even though our products provide very strong out-ofthe-box capabilities, every implementation will be different. We need to be creative to fully unleash the power of our products for our clients.

True to life scenarios and environments which are impossible to train in the field can be simulated with Flashover. Anywhere, Anytime.