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Fire fighting Training

Fight Fires in VR – Imagine a world where you can fight fires in any scenario. All while being in the safety of your own workspace.

Flashover offers a hassle-free VR kit with real fire fighting equipment. Flashover guides you through the extinguishing process step-by-step and lets you explore all the hazards of fire fighting at its core.



Fire Procedures

Real Equipment

In-Depth Look

Product Features

Fight Fires in VR – One of the core benefits of Flashover is the possibility to recreate any real life scenario with our virtual reality firefighting training. This approach makes realistic and therefore better training a realilty. We can recreate the way you firefight by customizing the look and feel, so it matches your countries fireman’s suit, tools, service cars and enviroments.


Train together with you collegues in the same virtual environment. Anytime, anywhere.

Real Equipment

Flashover works with real nozzles fitted with sensor technology.

Quick Setup

Flashover can be operated without technical personnel. Just open the box and start.

Localized Content

Flashover adjusts its language and 3D content to your country.

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Cooperation and trust are conditional to the success of our services and products. Together we strive for a safer world.


We are immensely dedicated to help our clients get the most use of our products. We focus on strong relationships and assist every step of the way.



Even though our products provide very strong out-ofthe-box capabilities, every implementation will be different. We need to be creative to fully unleash the power of our products for our clients.

True to life virtual reality firefighting training scenarios and environments which are impossible to train in the field can be simulated with Flashover. Anywhere, Anytime.